Board of Directors

Norton Baker
Chairman of the Board
Attorney - Baker, Brown, & Thompson, PC
Lubbock, TX

Larry Bradley
Resident Manager - Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Lubbock, TX

Tony Ellison
Attorney - Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott, LLP
Lubbock, TX

Les Eubank
President - Plains Capital Bank of Lubbock
Lubbock, TX

Lynn Harms
President - The Children's Home of Lubbock & Family Services Agency
Lubbock, TX

Jim Henson - Board Vice-Chair
Lubbock, TX

Helen Lauderdale
Insurance Executive (retired) and Investments
Lubbock, TX

Gertrude Miller
L.I.S.D. Administration (retired)
Lubbock, TX

Cory Newsom
President - City Bank
Lubbock, TX

Kristi Payne
Agriculture Enterprises and Investments
Lubbock, TX

Christopher Robinson
Executive V.P. - Lubbock National Bank
Lubbock, TX

Ada Rummel
Board Secretary
First V.P. - Wells Fargo Advisors
Lubbock, TX

John Sigle
President - Texas Boys Ranch
Lubbock, TX

Paul Stell
President - Stellar Development
Lubbock, TX

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The Children’s Home Foundation exists to secure and manage funds for the sole benefit of The Children’s Home of Lubbock.  Through a mission of safekeeping and wise management, the Directors of The Children’s Home Foundation pledge their commitment to the goals of The Children’s Home of Lubbock to provide protection and love to children caught in the crossfires of life, so they may grow in grace and give their unique gifts to the world.  In short, the Foundation supports The Children’s Home of Lubbock and its ministry of “manifesting Christ through excellence in child care.”